"Jen's appreciation for musicianship really helps to bring the artist's vision out in marketing, she really understands it more than about genre, it's about an individual."

    - Wes Coas of "Styles Davis"
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"Jen the Music Maven is awesome! Had a great time doing a promo video with her for Renee King and the Honky Tonk Queens at Wire Road Studios in Houston. Thanks Jen!"

    - Abby Gough
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"Awesome stuff! Jen the Music Maven is by far one of the best professional friends that a performer or musician could have in their tool kit! She not only got the job done, but exceeded my expectations by exposing Renee King & The Honky Tonk Queens to markets I could've never reached alone. Jennifer has an ability to arouse the magical components of the music industry, and with the flick of a button or two she can turn any project into a mass media concert and get you the recognition and notoriety you deserve! Why would I want to do this myself, when Jen the Music Maven is the pro! In a matter of weeks, she has produced so much activity for Renee King & the Honky Tonk Queens that I am breathless with excitement and anticipation of what comes next. One thing for sure, I will want Jennifer Field Hawkins to go the distance with me wherever I go because now she is an integral part of the team and I know from first hand experience that I can't do it without her!!"

    - Renee King & The Honky Tonk Queens
    (Find them online and on Facebook!)

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